Skin Perfect Sandalwood & Saffron Night Cream Skin Perfect Sandalwood & Saffron Night Cream
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Skin Perfect Sandalwood & Saffron Night Cream
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurvedic Night Cream For All Skin Types

Ayurveda has been practised & followed in India for hundreds of years, and it has also been inculcated into our skincare. And when we say skincare, it’s not only for the day; it's also done at night, which we call a night skincare routine.

Night skincare is essential as after a long, tiring day or even if you are at home, following night skincare helps the skin get clean and heal or improve overnight.

During night skincare, we remove makeup, clean the skin with gentle face wash and toner, apply serum, then eye cream, and moisturize. 

Sometimes, we use the same moisturizer during the day; however, using preferred night creams is essential at night. It is made for the night so that the skin can absorb it, infuse its benefits into our skin, and heal it overnight.

Choosing the best night cream is the primary thing to achieve better results, and the best night creams to solve pollution & skin issues are the Ayurvedic night creams.

Ayurvedic night creams usually infuse healing & pure herbs like Saffron, Sandalwood, Apricot, Apple, Kokum, Dhruva, Nagakesar, and more. All these herbs are then blended as per traditional methods to form a beneficial product.

When we sleep at night, our skin undergoes repair and rejuvenation, and wearing the best night cream for face further supports & promotes this natural repair & rejuvenation process.

Also, using it alternatively or sometimes will not show optimal results, so using it regularly in the nighttime skincare routine is essential. 

What else does a night cream do to our skin?

  • Intense moisturization

Night creams are usually formulated with thicker and richer textures as compared to day creams. And hence, they provide deep hydration to the skin, restoring the moisture that got lost during the day. 

  • Skin repair & regeneration

During sleep, the body’s restorative process is at work, and the skin undergoes cellular regeneration. Night creams containing ingredients like saffron, kokum, nagakesar, etc., help nourish the skin, penetrate deeper to stimulate collagen production and accelerate regeneration. Our skin perfect sandalwood & saffron night cream, which is the best night cream for all skin types, can also help repair damaged skin and signs of ageing.

  • Targeted treatment

Night creams are made to address specific skin issues. Usually, they are used for brightening, anti-ageing, firming, hyperpigmentation, and more. Our night cream is a mix of ayurvedic herbal ingredients like kokum, apricot oil, saffron, Dhruva, and more that help repair damaged skin.

Also, it is rich in omega fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties that further help in healing wounds & skin.

  • Nourishment

Usually, night creams support improving overall health and skin condition, and Ashpveda’s Skin Perfect Night Cream provides extra nourishment to the skin while healing it from within. It also improves the appearance of skin texture, and the anti-oxidants & vitamins in the ingredients provide a smoother & radiant-looking skin.

  • Protection

Some organic night cream with SPF also provides additional protection to the skin. They are infused with anti-oxidants that help shield the skin from environmental damage caused due to pollutants and UV radiation. 

When it comes to Ayurvedic night creams, they are purely natural and do not contain any chemicals or preservatives, so they give the skin the natural benefits of the ingredients without harming the skin. Hence protecting it at another level.

  • Brightening & even skin tone

The best night cream for glowing skin contains ingredients like saffron, sandalwood, etc., that help brighten skin tone. These ingredients also help in fading hyperpigmentation, dark spots, discolouration, and other skin issues, giving the skin a more radiant tone. Our ayurvedic night cream works as a natural skin-brightening agent and reduces pigmentation, blemishes, etc.

How to choose the best night cream?

Selecting the right night cream for the skin is a crucial step. Firstly, while choosing a night cream, ensure it is not too thick and should be lightweight. It is because a night cream clogs the skin pores; hence, it makes the skin difficult to breathe if thicker. Secondly, it should not be greasy, fragrance-free, or chemicals-free, like our skin-perfect sandalwood & saffron night cream.

And to select the best night cream for your face, you need to understand your skin type. If you have oily skin, a lightweight, & non-greasy night cream would be the best night cream for oily skin. Also, our night cream is a perfect night cream for men as well as the best night cream for combination skin.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, a night cream with natural ingredients like kokum butter, vitamin E, apricot oil, etc. is the best night cream for dry skin. Our skin-perfect sandalwood & saffron night cream is one of the best night creams for sensitive skin as it penetrates deep and keeps the skin moisturized & nourished. It is also suitable for all skin types, so, no need to look for different ones, making it the best night cream for normal skin types.