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Nayaab Face Serum
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Frequently Asked Questions

Serums For Face & Skin

In the grand symphony of our bodies, Ayurveda sees our five senses as the vital gatekeepers to the outside world. Among these gatekeepers, one of the most essential organs is our skin, which is also known as the touch organ.

Ayurveda believes that the condition of our skin can reveal our overall health. It defines what we lack!

When it comes to Ayurvedic skincare, there’s a wide array of supplements suitable for different people, but first, we must select the best for ourselves! One of these solutions is using Ayurvedic face serums!

Face Serums aren’t just ordinary skin supplements but the ones that can redefine our skin’s potential. One can apply face serum to the skin after cleaning the face but before moisturizing it, as it has the intent of delivering the benefits of powerful ingredients directly into the skin.

They’re like the secret agents of skincare, made up of smaller molecules with the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, and usually have a very high concentration of active ingredients. These molecules & ingredients work harmoniously with our skin to reveal our natural beauty.

This makes serums for face an efficient skin supplement for targeting specific skin care problems like dry skin, acne-prone skin, signs of aging, dull skin, and more. As Ayurveda promotes hydration as a vital factor of a skincare routine, Ashpveda features the best face serums in India made of Nayaab natural ingredients that can be used on all skin types & assist in making the skin loop soft, supple, and plum, for a longer time - the best selling Nayaab Face Serum.

Benefits of Face Serum

  • Improves skin texture

Serums for face are best known for improving the overall texture of our skin and opting for the best face serums can do wonders. Ayurvedic face serums are the best as they are formulated with natural ingredients to smooth our skin’s surface, giving it an even complexion.

  • Minimize skin pores

Pores can be a frustrating skin issue, and to minimize them, opt for good serums for face that work for your skin type & penetrate deeper.

  • Reduce signs of ageing

Fine lines and wrinkles are primary signs of ageing, but they are not welcome if they occur prematurely. Using the best serums for face can help with aging more effectively!

  • Improves skin elasticity

Improving skin elasticity can redefine the appearance of face skin, and opting for the best face serums India gold Bhasma can be the best. Ashpveda’s Nayaab Face Serum is indulged with Swarna 24k gold Bhasma that penetrates deep into the skin, improves its elasticity & firmness, gives youthful skin, and brings out a radiant glow from within.

  • Evens skin tone

If you’re looking for the best face serums online to even out skin tone, consider Ashpveda’s toxin-free, non-greasy, and rare active ingredient serum made with the traditional ayurvedic method. It will moisturize the skin and improve its texture.

  • Hydrates & nourishes

Keeping the skin hydrated & nourished is essential. So having the best face serums for glowing skin is an excellent option that has both hydration & nourishing natural ingredients.


Nayaab Face Serum

Made with all rare & Nayaab natural herbs & 24k gold, handpicked and processed as per the ancient Ayurvedic method, Nayaab Face Serum is a unique formulation that helps fight various skin issues like dullness, ageing, acne, etc.

Keeping the skin hydrated & nourished improves the overall texture & elasticity, ensures cell restoration, controls sun damage, increases blood circulation, and keeps it youthful.

Ashpveda’s Nayaab Face Serum is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients like -

  • Desi ghee to fight age, moisturize & hydrate skin while making it glowy
  • Almond oil for soothing dry skin, balancing skin moisture, & reversing sun damage
  • Turmeric root oil with anti-fungal properties to fight pimples fade blemishes & marks
  • Ashwagandha repairs & rejuvenate skin and retain its moisture
  • Swarna Bhasma (24k gold bhasma) improves skin elasticity, and firmness, and brings a radiant inner glow
  • Cardamon seed oil for better blood circulation, smooths & brighten skin

These primary ingredients are blended with other natural & rare herbs to give radiant and glowing skin, defining it as the suitable face serum for dry skin.

Ideal for all skin types, lightweight, and non-greasy, it is also known as one of the best face serums for oily skin that controls oil production and provides long-term moisturization.

With 24k Gold Bhasma in it, it becomes one of the ideal serums for brighter skin as the ayurvedic gold bhasma brings the inner glow, leaving the skin with a glowy radiance.

Being used by both men & women, no need to look for different face serums for men and face serums for women

How To Use Serum For Face & Skin

Face Serums play an integral part in a skincare routine. However, even the best skincare supplement can become ineffective if used incorrectly. So, selecting the top serums for face is not enough, but its proper application is equally essential.

  • Start with a clean face

Cleaning & exfoliating the skin before applying a serum is essential to remove excess sebum, toxins that might prevent face serum from being absorbed.

  • Apply a pea-sized amount

Less is more. Take a few drops of Nayaab Face Serum on your palms, and apply liberally all over your face & neck.

  • Gently massage in a circular motion

Massage the serum for face gently in circular motions so that the ingredients can be absorbed more evenly into the skin. Massage it for 5-10 minutes, and best if done in upward strokes.

  • Don’t avoid the eye area.

Though serums for face are not to be used around the eyes, Nayaab face serum has all-natural ingredients and is not harmful. So, don’t avoid using it around the eye area, and try circular motions around the eyes with fingers for better application. Give it a few minutes to absorb.

  • Use Daily!

Using face serums daily can lead to better & more efficient results as the natural ingredients & their benefits can be indulged within the skin to heal it from within, revealing a natural radiance. It can also be used as an after-bath oil or highlighter for the face!

Things to remember!

  • Do a patch test before use

Different skin types react differently to natural products. Always do a patch test before use!

  • Store in a cool & dark place

Light & heat can reduce the efficient properties of face serums, and it may not work as they could. So, store it in a cool & dark place like a cabinet or a drawer.

  • Read the label for expiry

Face serums are most effective when used within their expiry time, as the ingredients will lose their potency after the time mentioned.