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Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-Ageing Ayurvedic Products

Ageing happens to everyone as time goes by. It's normal for your body and mind to change as you age. For example, your hair might turn grey or white, and your skin might start to sag and wrinkle. These changes are okay, but you can also work on making your skin, hair, and body look better. It's important to stay healthy as you age.

Even though ageing is natural, there are things you can do to make it happen more slowly. We're not talking about using products with chemicals in them. Instead, we're talking about Ayurvedic anti-ageing treatments and Anti-ageing Ayurvedic products that can help slow down cell breakdown without causing harm.

So, let’s find out some of the best ways to treat ageing.

Signs of Aging

As you get older, your skin goes through various changes, such as -

  • Skin becoming rough
  • Developing lesions or harmless growths
  • Skin becoming loose due to less elastin
  • Skin becoming thin and see-through
  • Skin becoming delicate and prone to bruising

Beneath the skin, more changes happen over time:

  • Fat under the skin reduces, leading to sunken eyes and loose skin
  • Bones around the chin and mouth shrink, causing puckered skin
  • Cartilage near the nose reduces, making the nasal tip droop.

What Are The Causes Of Aging?

As you age, your skin changes due to things inside and outside your body. Some you can control, like diet and skin care, and others you can't, like age and genes. To maintain good skin and avoid early ageing, understand these factors -

Outside Factors -

  • Sun - Strong sun rays damage skin, causing unevenness and pigmentation.
  • Sun Protection - Shielding skin from sun damage is crucial.
  • Smoking - Smoking harms skin health and causes wrinkles.
  • Skincare - Gentle care with suitable products prevents ageing.
  • Pollution - Dirty air produces harmful molecules that age skin.
  • Diet - Antioxidant-rich foods help fight skin damage and keep it firm.

Inside Factors -

  • Hormones - Decreasing hormones affect skin communication and health.
  • Blood Flow - Insufficient blood flow leads to dull, nutrient-deprived skin.
  • Genetics - Family history influences when wrinkles may appear.

Ayurveda for Anti-Ageing

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic science, offers a natural way to fight aging. It believes that skin health depends on balance and proper functions of different factors -

  • Moisture Balance (Kapha) - Keeping the right moisture level in the skin.
  • Metabolic Regulation (Pitta) - Proper control of hormonal and chemical activities in the skin.
  • Nutrient Circulation (Vata) - Effective flow of nutrients and blood to the three skin layers.

Ayurvedic anti-ageing has two approaches -

  • Curative (Vyadihara) - Treating existing issues.
  • Promotive (Urjaskara) - Preventing issues and promoting wellness.

For youthful skin, Ayurveda has these steps based on your skin type -

  • Kapha Skin - Cleanse with mild exfoliants and warm oil massages for skin benefits. Some anti-ageing face serums also work best. Ashpveda’s Nayaab Face Serum is the best anti-ageing serum, which, with its formulation of hand-picked herbs, reduces signs of early ageing, lightens pigmentation, and improves the overall skin texture while nourishing it. Its ayurvedic formulation & perfect blend provide the best benefits on the skin, making it the best anti-ageing product.
  • Pitta Skin - Apply nourishing oils and sunscreen to shield from sun damage. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or steam. Ayurvedic sunscreen like Ashpveda’s skin perfect sunscreen, one of the best anti ageing creams with ashwagandha, yashad bhasam, til oil, & other ingredients help in fighting free radicals, avoiding skin damage, and making your skin young & shiny, giving it protection from UV rays. It also enhances skin elasticity and natural healthy radiance.
  • Vata Skin - Use mild herbal products for deep nourishment. Moisturize and do warm oil massages to avoid early ageing and wrinkles. This is required not only during the day but at night, too, as the skin demands care. So, with the anti-ageing day cream in the day, use a night cream, too. Ashpveda’s Sandalwood & Saffron night cream is one of the best anti ageing night creams; a blend of kokum butter, sandalwood oil, almond oil, and saffron extracts and improves skin tone, it works as a skin-lightening agent, and further moisturizes deeply.

Ayurvedic herbs for anti-ageing

  • Stay Young (Vayasthapana)

In Ayurveda, special natural ingredients help your skin stay healthy and fight aging. These ingredients are grouped under "vayasthapana." They keep your skin balanced and support its normal functioning. One important herb is gotu kola, which boosts collagen to make your skin firmer.

  • Glowing Skin (Varnya)

Some Ayurvedic herbs can make your skin shine and bring out its natural brightness. If your skin lacks this natural glow, Ayurveda sees it as not youthful. Herbs like Indian sarsaparilla, Indian madder, vetiver, and sandalwood are in this category.

  • Protect and Repair (Sandhaniya)

These herbs help your skin heal, regenerate, and reverse ageing effects. Certain plants make your skin heal and repair itself better, almost 30-40% more effectively.

  • Deep Healing (Vrana Ropana)

These herbs work deep within your skin to heal and regenerate it. This group includes sensitive plants and gotu kola, especially for healing wounds and scars.

  • Nourish and Hydrate (Tvacha)

Ayurvedic herbs in this group give your skin the nourishment it needs and help it stay moisturized. Herbs like rose petals, costus, silk cotton tree, and gotu kola are rich in Vitamins A, C, and E. They keep your skin healthy and enhance the effects of other herbs.

  • Fight Inflammation (Shothahara)

Certain herbs can protect your skin from inflammation caused by stress, chemicals, and allergens. This is important in anti-ageing because inflammation can lead to wrinkles and blemishes. Aloe vera, silk cotton tree, and rose petals are examples of herbs in this category. A popular herb called Boswellia serrata helps with inflammation and is used traditionally for treating skin issues.

Avoid Aging With A Good Skincare

Having young-looking skin isn't too hard if you use the right stuff. Good anti-ageing skincare greatly affects how your skin looks and stops things like lines and wrinkles. Your skin changes as you get older. So, changing your skincare with proper anti-ageing solutions keeps your skin healthy, shiny, and young.

  • Gentle Face Wash - Use a gentle, natural face wash like Kashmiri saffron & neem face wash from Aspveda, known as the best anti-ageing face wash. Be nice to your skin when you wash it. As you age, your skin becomes more sensitive and less oily. Even with pimples, use a soft, natural face wash, not a rough, dry one.
  • Sunscreen is a Must - Always put on sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. It helps your skin stay young by stopping spots and marks from the sun. Use sunscreen lotion, not gels or sprays that can dry your skin. Find one with antioxidants to help your skin's collagen, and if it’s Ayurvedic, like Ashpveda’s skin-perfect sunscreen, it’s best! Teenagers can also go for teenage day creams.
  • Good Moisturizer - Your skin's oil glands slow down as you age. So, use a good moisturizer to stop wrinkles. Change your normal face cream to a rich one that keeps your skin full of moisture, like the Jasmine & Mogra Day cream that moisturizes your skin but also improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and even has some anti-inflammatory & healing properties. Don't forget your neck and upper area.
  • Eat Right - The food you eat shows on your skin. Avoid things that dry your skin, like alcohol. Foods with lots of sugar and white carbs make you age faster. Eat protein from beans, meat, and fish to keep collagen in your skin. Foods with Vitamin C also help your skin look young.
  • Gentle Exfoliation - Your skin makes new cells every month, but it slows down as you age. This can make your skin look dull. Exfoliating once a week removes old cells and makes your skin brighter. Use a gentle exfoliant with round bits, not plastic microbeads. You can go for Ashpveda’s radiant fruit facial scrub, which removes impurities and dead cells and helps regenerate new skin cells while keeping you moisturized all day.

How to Keep Your Skin Young?

The sun and some habits can make your skin age too fast. To stop this, follow these steps -

  • Quit Smoking - Smoking makes your skin old and wrinkly.
  • Sun Protection - Use sunscreen every day. Wear long clothes, sunglasses, and hats, and carry an umbrella. The sunscreen should be SPF 30 or more and water-resistant.
  • Less Alcohol - Drinking less alcohol helps your skin stay moist and healthy.
  • Skip Tanning - Don't tan indoors or outside. Tanning makes your skin age quickly because of strong UV rays.
  • Good Food - Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. This helps stop the damage that makes your skin age.
  • Watch Your Face - Making the same face a lot can make lines on your skin.
  • Exercise - Moving your body helps your skin look young and nice.
  • Gentle Cleaning - Be nice to your skin when you clean it. Rubbing hard can hurt your skin and make it age faster.
  • Wash Well - Clean your face two times every day and after sweating. Sweat can bother your skin. You can use gentle Ayurvedic face wash on your skin, like radiant Kashmiri saffron & neem facial wash from Ashpveda.
  • Moisturize - Put on moisturizer every day. It keeps your skin soft and nice. And not only the day cream but use some night creams too. At night, before going to bed, make sure to clean your skin & put up a night cream to avoid ageing.
  • No Burning - Don't use products that hurt your skin. If they sting, they're not good for your skin.