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Frequently Asked Questions

Makeup Remover Products

What usually happens when we forget to remove makeup with a proper cleanser or makeup remover & leave it on our skin all night? The answer is so common we experience a bad reaction to the skin and appearance.

So, just as the right amount of makeup applied is essential, removing your makeup properly is also essential. Most people don’t understand the value of makeup removers and instead use cleansers.

While cleansers purify & cleanse the skin, makeup removers are also designed to remove cosmetics & chemically or harsh products that cannot be removed properly with just a cleanser.

So, to achieve healthier skin, it is essential to remove pore-clogging makeup before using a cleanser to avoid rubbing chemically infused products into your skin while cleansing.

What Happens When Our Skin Has Makeup?

Our skin can become sensitive when we use certain beauty products a lot. This is called "Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome," or CIS. It usually happens because skin sensitivity doesn't always show up right away. Sometimes, it takes a while, like after using a product 8 to 10 times.

The stuff of makeup can make skin angry. Colophony resin and nickel in eye makeup, especially mascara, can cause skin problems. Also, stuff like AHAs, PEG, alcohol, smells, and things that keep makeup fresh can make skin more sensitive and make skin issues worse. Even the stuff that makes lipstick colorful can be a worry.

Women have it tougher when it comes to skin sensitivity. Their skin is thinner than men's, and hormones can mess with their skin and make it more sensitive. So, it's important to pick facial makeup removers and makeup remover products that are gentle on your skin. You can find good options in India, like makeup remover oils or ayurvedic ones like Ashpveda’s Rozana Floral makeup remover oil at an affordable makeup remover price.

What Does Ayurveda Say About The Toxic Effects of Makeup Products On The Skin?

According to Ayurveda, our bodies have tiny "maamsavaha srotaas" channels that carry muscle tissue. These channels start from our skin. When we often use cosmetic products on our skin and keep them on for a long time, these products can build up in our bodies and move through these channels.

According to Ayurveda, if these channels get blocked, we can develop abnormal growths or “arbuda” inside our body. When we talk in modern terms, it builds harmful toxins, causing various skin issues.

How Does A Makeup Remover Work?

Many makeup products, like lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and blush, are made with oils. And to remove this makeup from our skin, we use makeup removers. The ingredients of a makeup remover get mixed with the makeup oils and separate it from the skin.

For light makeup, a regular facial cleanser can do the job. But if you use heavy makeup with things like false eyelashes, super glossy products, or makeup with lots of color, the normal cleanser might not be strong enough. That’s where makeup removers become necessary.

Types of Makeup Removers - Oil & Water based

When it comes to removing makeup, we need to ensure it’s done properly. And for that, consider what’s on your face.

The type of makeup you wear can impact how clean you get your face, especially if you are not using a suitable product. If you are using a non-waterproof mascara and powdered products like eyeshadow & blush, you can get away with an excellent water-based makeup remover spray.

But if you are wearing a waterproof mascara, full-coverage foundation, and many more products, you might need to go for an oil based makeup remover.

Selecting the suitable type of makeup remover is challenging with various makeup removers in the market, all from alcohol to water-based, etc.

But the best ones are the oil based makeup removers that can clean the waterproof products while not making the skin rough & dry.

Makeup Removers For Different Skin Types

  • Makeup Removers For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you can use milk-based, cream-based, or an oil based makeup remover. Simply spray it on your skin & massage your face in circular motions before rinsing it with water.

Such makeup removers act as natural makeup removers and remove makeup without making the skin dry & dull.

  • Makeup Removers For Combination Skin

On combination skin, an oil based makeup remover will work the best. Like Ashvpeda’s makeup remover oil, the best makeup remover in India is enriched with different types of natural oils like sunflower oil, rose oil, jasmine oil, olive oil, etc., that effectively removes the layers of makeup & make skin healthy, glowing, and clean.

It easily dissolves makeup. Also, the oil properties in such makeup removers only improve skin impurities & products while keeping it moisturized, nourished, & brightened.

  • Makeup Removers For Oily Skin

For oily skin, gel-based makeup removers are the best, but sometimes, oil based makeup removers can also do wonders. Ashpveda’s makeup remover oil is considered the best makeup remover for oily skin as it's a blend of popular Ayurvedic herbal ingredients that don’t harm the skin, & don’t make it oily. All the oils in the makeup remover liquid remove only the layer of makeup, and without making it oily, keeps skin hydrated & nourished.

  • Makeup Removers For All Skin Types

Whether you have oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, or combination skin type, the Ashpveda makeup remover oil is suitable for all skin types. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t make it dry or irritated due to the infusion of natural Ayurvedic ingredients, so it is considered the best makeup remover for sensitive skin.

Also, as the area near the eye is more sensitive, using a different eye makeup remover is a waste of money & not worth it. But Ashpveda’s makeup remover oil is suitable for that as well, as it doesn’t irritate or harm the sensitive skin either. The ayurvedic ingredients infused within can gently remove the makeup & leave it nourished & moisturized.