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Rose Water Spray
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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Toner For Face & Skin

You have surely seen face toners as essential to your skincare routine. Those slim bottles with clear or tinted liquid do wonders for your skin! Many people who use face toner don’t even know its benefits and proper usage.

Face toner is a secret skincare weapon that comes in water-based liquid, infused with soothing ingredients like rose and more. While it may look like water, it does a lot more. Its job is to gently refresh & soothe your skin without stripping off its natural moisture.

When it's made of all-natural ayurvedic ingredients, a toner for skin becomes even more beneficial and may help with some more skin issues like excessive dryness, hydration, etc. Moreover, it prepares your skin for additional cosmetics and products afterwards.

Sometimes, people mistake a skin toner for an astringent. However, astringent is an alcohol-based liquid used to control oil but is not sensitive to the skin and can be harsh or may have side effects.

Why Use A Face Toner & What Does It Do For Your Skin?

The outer layer of your skin is a mixture of oils & proteins, and when you wash your face, you are removing the dirt & dead skin, which can cause the outer layer of your skin to feel dry.

To prevent that, you use a face toner like rose water, all-natural, effective, and a go-to toner suitable for all skin. Applying a skin toner immediately after cleansing your skin increases the water content of the outer layer of the skin, which is better for the absorption of additional products afterwards.

  • Removes Impurities

Using the best toner for the face gently removes dirt & grime that remains on the face skin after cleansing.

  • Preps your skin

The best skin toners also help you prep your skin for the products you use after, including serums, moisturizers, sunscreen, etc.

  • Hydrates your skin

Natural toner for the face or an Ayurvedic face toner hydrates your skin with natural ingredients like a rose.

  • Restore skin’s pH balance 

Instead of using acids like hydroxy acids, lactic acid, and salicylic acid, use them in natural form with natural face toners that can effectively penetrate deep within the skin & restore the pH balance.

  • Replenishes the skin

Modern face toner also acts as the best toner for glowing skin as while nourishing your skin, it also exfoliates the dead skin cells, making your skin more bright & refreshing.

What is The Best Face Toner For Your Skin?

Various products are in the market, but selecting the best face toner for your skin is essential. The best toner for different skin types is one free of alcohol & other chemical ingredients. An ayurvedic face toner is the best toner for the face in India, made of all-natural ingredients, alcohol-free, and more.

With this, the best toner spray for the face also helps moisturize the skin & prevent it from drying out.

  • Oily skin - For oily skin, an alcohol-free, natural & ayurvedic face toner for oily skin will be the best that also exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells, & gives clear skin.
  • Dry skin - dry skin, a toner that hydrates & moisturizes your skin, is the best face toner for dry skin.
  • Combination & Normal Skin - Choosing a toner for combination skin or normal skin is not difficult. As a toner helps remove excess oil & soothe your skin, any face toner can be suitable for this skin type but should be free of alcohol or other chemicals.
  • Sensitive Skin - Sensitive skin needs gentle face toner with no parabens, sulfates, or harmful preservatives that may irritate or damage the skin. 

The best face toner for all skin types is the one & only rose water. Extracted from high-quality rose petals, Ashpveda’s rose water provides proper hydration while ensuring soft & youthful skin. It is completely harmless, made with ancient Ayurvedic methods, and is suitable for all skin types.