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More than just a range of Ayurvedic wellness and beauty products based on Prachin Charaka Samhita, Ashpveda is a promise of delivering authentic and ancient ayurvedic formulations for achieving a holistic wellness regimen in the modern-day context. To make the idea a living reality, the highly skilled team of Ayurveda experts put every possible effort to offer an impeccable blend of knowledge and expertise in each product. The core team of Ashpveda boasts a rich exposure to all aspects of Ayurveda and its implications in today's life. With their passion to transfer the learnings to all parts of the world, team Ashpveda strives hard to come up with products that are unique and offer purity with a promise. We don't use extracts, artificial colors, harmful chemicals, artificial fragrance & paraben in any form. All our products are natural, we use sun-dried herbs from the lands of Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan in India according to their origins. We use only high-quality glass bottles for wellness and Immunity Care products and each bottle goes through a sterilizing process. Our products are not tested on animals. To keep the potency of each formulation intact, Ashpveda boasts an all in-house fully-equipped processing facility. All Ashpveda products contain the finest quality herbs and essential oils across the range. The Ashpveda philosophy believes in supporting contract farming which led the company to open its manufacturing facility in Rajasthan. Essentially Ashpveda is a way of living where nature nourishes and enriches the elements of human existence.

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