Nayaab Moisturising Face Cream Natural Face Cream Ayurvedic Face Cream Nayaab Moisturising Face Cream Natural Face Cream Ayurvedic Face Cream
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Nayaab Moisturising Face Cream
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Skin Care Sunscreen Day Cream Natural sunscreen Day Cream Skin Care Sunscreen Day Cream Natural sunscreen Day Cream
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Skin Perfect - Sunscreen Day Cream - Spf 25
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Jasmine Mogra Day Cream Natural Jasmine Mogra Day Cream Jasmine Mogra Day Cream Natural Jasmine Mogra Day Cream
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Skin Perfect Jasmine & Mogra Day Cream
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face care teeanage day cream natural teenage day cream ayurvedic day cream face care teeanage day cream
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Skin Perfect Teenage Day Cream
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Frequently Asked Questions

Day Cream For All Skin Types

Have you ever considered why to use a day cream or what a day cream does to your skin? Well, it is one of the best solutions for your skin as it makes it more supple & hydrated throughout the day.

But the problem comes when we have to choose the best from many of them, and that’s where we get confused. And why not? Various companies have made their products in this era, but the primary factor is they are all chemically associated. Only a few of them are purely Ayurvedic or natural, and if you are such a person, then Ayurvedic day creams are all you need.

What Is A Day Cream?

Our facial skin is a bit more sensitive and fragile than our body, so it’s essential to take good care of it with a daily moisturizer. Day cream for face and body is like a daily moisturizer usually applied in the morning. 

So, what purpose does it hold? The day cream is to moisturize our skin or is one of the moisturizing day fairness creams that helps us shine the brightest we can. With this, remove dry skin and enjoy fresh and nourished skin.

On the contrary, if you think of using a day cream at night, you should first read the label, as some day creams are best suited for the day and cannot be used at night. It is usually heavier as it creates a layer on your face skin and protects it from UV rays or other pollutants. If you apply it at night, it might feel a bit heavier and may make your face greasy.

Benefits of Using Day Creams


Day creams are your skin's best friend and provide the hydration it needs. It works wonders to moisturize it, making it youthful & fresh. And if your skin is drier, it becomes even more essential. Start your day with a small amount of day cream after waking up and give your skin the love it deserves.

Soft & Smooth skin

With the best day cream for face, get rid of cracked, rough skin and enjoy a smooth & healthy complexion. It would be great if you could go for a non-greasy formula of a day cream, as you will have it on your skin for a day, and a greasy texture can appear heavier. If your day cream has a lightweight formula with the right moisture balance, then that prevents your skin from drying out.

Skin Repair

Day creams are a skin repair product as they penetrate deeper to moisturize and tone your skin while promoting cell turnover.

Prevents Aging

Taking care of your skin with day cream is essential to slow down the appearance of ageing. If you massage your skin regularly with a day cream, it will improve blood flow and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Blood Circulation

Massaging is the key to rejuvenating blood circulation; day creams help you with that. You can apply the cream on your face and gently massage it so it penetrates properly and increases blood circulation, giving it a healthy & glowy look.

How Do I Choose A Day Cream?

Everyone has different skin types, and choosing a perfect day cream depends on your skin type.

  • Day Cream For Oily Skin

Oily skin usually needs something that mattifies the oily or greasy formation, and choosing the best day cream for oily skin gets tricky. You need to see various things before selecting the one that makes your skin shiny and removes excess oil.

But, while removing oil from the skin, oily skin needs hydration too, and that’s why choosing a cream specifically designed to target the skin issue is essential. We recommend using Ashpveda’s Skin Perfect Jasmine & Mogra Day Cream, which is the best day cream for glowing skin, combining jasmine, almond, and jojoba seeds oils.

Though all these are oils, they help create a layer penetrating deep into your skin that prevents bacteria buildup and reduces acne and other bacterial illnesses. This cream can also help you enhance your complexion, display a fresher & youthful radiance, and overall, keep you moisturized.

Moreover, the cream is not just for oily skin but also the best day cream for normal skin! Whether you are a girl or boy, men or woman, this cream is for all!

  • Day Cream For Dry Skin

If your skin type is dry, then a day cream for dry skin can be a lifesaver. It will hydrate as well as nourish your skin, removing those dry patches and stubborn flakes. But, when choosing the best day cream for dry skin, remember it should be the one that keeps you moisturized while helping your skin glow from within. It should be the one that helps your skin stimulate the production of sebum which is essential for a dry skin type.

  • Combination Skin - best day cream for combination skin

Combination skin is one of the difficult skin types to manage, but the problem gets solved when the right skincare product is provided. Choosing the best day cream for a combination skin type is even more tricky. There are various day creams specifically designed for combination skin types in the market, but choosing the one free of chemicals, boasting natural elements, and is purely ayurvedic or natural is essential.

And the best, if you can is an organic day cream with SPF. For that, try our Ashpveda’s skin-perfect sunscreen day cream, which contains oil, ashwagandha, and more Ayurvedic elements that are perfect for just any skin type. It is a non-greasy and lightweight formula that sinks right in, leaving your skin soft & smooth.

This sunscreen is also the best day cream for all skin types and also helps fight off free radicals, avoid skin damage, prevent your skin from pollution, make it young and shiny, and, the best part - protects it from harmful UV rays.

  • Day Cream For Sensitive Skin

Everyone’s skin reacts in different ways, and some people, unfortunately, have sensitive skin types. This is usually common among teenagers as they are of growing age, so they usually possess sensitive skin.

When over-sensitive skin, if you use products that are not suitable, they may cause irritation, dryness, patches, and more skin issues. These can cause worse effects on sensitive skin.

So, one should get the accurate or perfect products that work the best for sensitive skin. We recommend our skin-perfect teenage day cream, which is the best day cream for sensitive skin and, prominently, the teenage skin type. With the blend of khus, almond oils, and more ayurvedic or natural ingredients, this day cream helps detoxify the skin, regenerate skin cells, reduce scars, and, most probably, helps prevent the skin from external pollutants or other radicals.

It also acts as a sunscreen for sensitive skin, creating a layer to reverse the adverse effects of sun damage while treating dry skin issues. So, this is the one that protects your skin without irritating or damaging it further.

How To Use Your Day Cream?

Apply day cream on clean skin free of impurities. First, gently wash and pat dry your skin with a gentle face wash. Then take a small amount of cream and gently rub it between your palms.

Now apply it on your face using the tips of your fingers, and massage your skin, starting with the centre of your face outwards.

Make small circular movements so that cream can penetrate into the skin & stimulate new skin cell generation. Also, apply it under your chin and neck to maintain your skin elasticity and radiance.