Best Ayurvedic Face Creams For Daily Use

Best Ayurvedic Face Creams For Daily Use

Ayurveda is the heritage of India. This is why most people in India are shifting from chemical to ayurvedic concepts. Many people are purchasing Ayurvedic products not only in India but also abroad. In this era, Ayurveda is the only way to get beautiful skin without compromising health with chemicals. If you want to pamper and keep your skin moisturized and radiant, go with the year-old Ayurvedic theory-based products.

Today we have a wide range of Ayurvedic products, from skincare to haircare. Also, you can purchase them without stepping out of your home. But, do you want to know how - the answer is simply online shopping.

Okay, now you might think we know how to buy, but the main question is what to buy. Yes, there are hundreds of products in the market. So don't worry; this article is all about that. In this article, we will list the best Ayurvedic face creams for daily use with their benefits. Here are some of the best Ayurvedic face creams with the goodness of herbs packed in them.

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Best Ayurvedic Face Creams

Biotique Vitamin C Brightening Cream

It is an ayurvedic face cream for daily use which helps you to hydrate your skin. It has therapeutic properties without any compromise to cosmetic items. It hydrates skin gently and has a light texture. This cream will make your skin texture better and hydrating and make you look younger. In addition, it saves your skin substantially.


  1. Remove discoloration
  2. Make skin clear
  3. Make texture better and smoother

Aspveda Skin Perfect Jasmine & Mogra Day Cream

Jasmine & Mogra Day Cream - Ashpveda

Next, we have Ashpveda Skin Perfect Jasmine and Mogra Day Cream combining Ayurvedic and natural ingredients, such as Jasmine, Mogra, Jojoba seed oil, Olive Oil, Balaroot Oil, and Aloe vera. It is one of the best ayurvedic face creams for daily use, suitable for all skin types and helps maintain good skin texture, tone, and a smoother and radiant-looking complexion.

The product is non-toxic, not tested on animals and pure, and made in India. It contains vitamin E in almond oil, jasmine oil ensures skin firming and toning, and jojoba oil is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.


  • Instant hydration
  • Reduce pigmentation and blemishes
  • Radiant and Brightening Skin

Lotus Botanicals Skin Brightening Cream

Another top-ranking cream is Lotus Botanicals Skin Brightening Cream. The product is made of many herbs useful for all skin types. The cream is super light and makes your skin glow naturally. It has a power boost of Vitamin C.

Protect skin from UV rays and has SPF 25. Moisturize your skin and reduce pigmentation. The brand assures the face cream has no Preservatives, is Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free, Silicon-Free, pH-Balanced, No Toxic Chemicals, Anti-Pollution, and is 100% Vegan.


  1. Vitamin C Powerhouse
  2. instant hydration
  3. Reduce pigmentation and blemishes
  4. Radiant and Brightening Skin

Best Face Wash For Pimples And Dark Spots

Vicco Turmeric Cream

One of the most popular ayurvedic creams for the face is Vicco turmeric cream. The cream has the properties of turmeric and sandalwood. These ingredients help brighten the skin and remove dark spots and pigmentation.

The cream makes the complexion lighter and even tone. Regular screen use will clear this can and make it glossy. Besides this, the cream is used for various purposes, like reducing pimples, and it also has the property to fight against rashes and irritation. That cream is 100% generic and vegan


  1. Affordable pricing
  2. Keeps skin smoother
  3. even-toned skin and lighter the complexion

VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Cream

VLCC is one of the most remarkable names in the cosmetic industry. The cream is rich in natural oils and suitable for all skin types. The cream visibly reduces the dark spot. It makes your skin look brighter and fair. In addition, it has the properties of reducing dullness. This cream contains saffron and turmeric.


  1. Reduce pigmentation
  2. Lighter the skin
  3. reduce dark spots

Multani Mitti Face Pack for Skin Whitening

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream

Another ayurvedic face cream for daily use is Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream, which is also one of India's best ayurvedic face creams and is enriched with the benefits of natural herbs. Since all of the chemicals in this cream are natural, there are no adverse effects. Additionally, it aids in treating skin conditions, including acne and pimples. Additionally, it lessens dark patches and zits.


  1. Diminish acne and dark spots
  2. Hydrate skin deeply
  3. Smooth your skin
  4. Latest lighter

Vaadi Herbals Face and Body Cream

Buy Vaadi Herbals Face and Body Cream if you're looking for the Best Ayurvedic Face Cream. The cream contains milk yoghurt, whole wheat goodness, and a variety of exotic flowers. It is paraben-free. Also suitable for usage by people of all ages. The price is also affordable.


  1. Reduce pigmentation
  2. Lighter the skin
  3. reduce dark spots

Ashpveda skin perfect teenage day cream

teenage day cream - Ashpveda

Ashpveda Skin Perfect Teenage Day Cream is a 100% Ayurvedic and natural product that helps regenerate skin, reduce scars and detoxify the skin. It contains 100% Ayurvedic and natural ingredients, such as Muktapishti balsam, Neem, Rajat balsam, Yashad balsam, Anantmool root, Eladitalium oil, Almond Oil, Olive oil, Aloe vera ras, Lemon Ext, Clove Ext, Turmeric Ext, Khus oil, certified by the Ministry of AYUSH. Surely, it is one of the best Ayurvedic face cream for daily use.


  • Improve the complexion of the skin.
  • Make skin plumper
  • Give a natural glow

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Fairness Cream

Roop Mantra's Ayurvedic Fairness Cream is best for improving skin tone. It contains no chemicals, and Solly is based on Ayurvedic concepts. Made up of Almonds, honey, and natural oils. Effective for many skin problems, such as pigmentation, dark spots, and fine wrinkles.


  1. Improve the complexion of the skin.
  2. Reduce pigmentation
  3. Reduce dark spots and wrinkles

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic cream

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Cream is another Best Ayurvedic Face Cream. This cream is an excellent blend of natural and scientific components. This cream is ideal for winter treatment and can be used by people of all skin types. Suitable for Sensitive skin. Blue Nectar cream is made from the extracts of numerous natural components, and the creams combine the best of science and technology.


  1. Reduce dark spots
  2. Hydrate skin deeply
  3. Smooth your skin
  4. Reduce skin irritation

Best Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream

This company draws on its extensive experience to create highly effective ayurvedic medications. One of the better examples is the Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream. This ayurvedic face lotion is light and extremely nourishing to the skin. Furthermore, this cream can be used both day and night. It is suitable for all skin types, as stated above. Deep and light nourishment of the skin.


  1. Reduce pigmentation
  2. Lighter the skin
  3. reduce dark spots


For smooth, flawless skin Ayurveda is the best option. Therefore, choose the best from the options above if you've been looking for the Best Ayurvedic Face cream.

Use the Ayurvedic face cream in your everyday skincare routine for optimum results. But if you're still confused about what to choose, then you can pick Asphveda’s Face Creams. This cream can restore your natural radiance. In addition, many users of this cream have confidence in it.

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