Types of Indian Hair. Which One Is Yours?

Types of Indian Hair. Which One Is Yours?

It’s not an unknown fact that India is home to people belonging to various parts of the world. Deep into the roots of Indian culture and beauty lies a fascination for beautiful hair and hygiene. People in India are born with various types of hair, ranging from straight to coily and even to curly hair. In addition to these broad classifications lie various intricacies and variations to different hair types, making it even more difficult to maintain and groom.

While there are many hair care products in the market, are you aware of the right ones for you? Before you formulate a strict hair care routine, you need to know about the different types of hair and which one is yours. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Before we delve deeper into helping you identify your hair type, let’s have a look at some of the distinct hair types in India.

Straight Hair 
This is one of the most common hair types which is particularly found in people in the northern regions of India. This type of hair is customarily characterized by its sleek and shiny texture. As the word implies, straight hair falls flat and rests against the scalp. Thankfully, those with straight hair won’t have much difficulty in styling and managing their hair. However, this doesn’t mean that it needs less maintenance. The best way to care for your straight hair is to use Ayurvedic hair care products that are made from natural ingredients

Wavy Hair 
Wavy hair is the middle ground between straight and curly hair. This hair type is generally characterized by gentle and soft waves of hair that add to its texture. Wavy hair is generally found in people living in the eastern parts of India as their hair is affected by the climate of that region. This type of hair looks stylish if trimmed and set well. Apart from this, there are a lot of healthy hair tips that people with wavy hair can bear in mind to have a healthy hair routine.

Curly Hair 
As the name suggests, this kind of hair is seen in the form of distinctive curls or spirals. Did you know that the major cause of people with curly hair in India is attributed to the humid climate? Most people living in south India are prone to have curly hair. While curly hair is one of the most difficult hair types to maintain, it is also the only hair type which is voluminous and known for its bounce.

Coily Hair 
This hair type is characterized by its tight, spiral-shaped curls that are common among individuals of Indian descent. These coils can range from fine to coarse in texture, and they tend to have a natural bounce and elasticity. Coily hair often requires special care to maintain its moisture levels and prevent frizz, as it tends to become dry and prone to breakage. Individuals with oily hair may opt for hydrating shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, and natural products specifically designed to enhance curl definition and manageability.
Now that you have a better understanding of Indian hair types, it’s time to move on to healthy hair tips and natural hair growth products that will nourish your hair.

Green Tea & Gotukola Hair Wash

The Green Tea & Gotukola Hair Wash is made from natural ingredients that boost hair growth, relax the scalp, and prevent the build-up of dandruff. It is enriched with green tea, basil, honey, curry leaves, and Shatavari to provide anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial benefits. The hair wash is infused with an anti-frizz solution, making it an ideal match for curly hair.

Green Tea & Gotukola Hair Conditioner

This hair conditioner by Ashpveda is sourced from all-natural ingredients like Brahmi curry, Shikakai, Basil, Gotukola, and green tea. The Green Tea & Gotukola hair conditioner makes hair resilient while also making it shiner and vibrant. The unique composition promotes microcirculation in the scalp, increases hair growth, and controls frizzy hair.

Blissful-Japapatti & Brahmi- Head Massage Oil

This particular ayurveda oil is infused with Japapatti, Cumin seed oil, Nili leaf, and Brahmi. Japapatti is most commonly known for its ability to strengthen, nourish hair and promote hair growth. The oil is based on an ancient Ayurvedic formulation that nourishes the scalp and restores volume to your hair. The Blissful-Japapatti & Brahmi-Head Massage Oil reduces the possibility of dry hair and restores your hair to its natural shine.

Ashpveda is known for using all naturally sourced ingredients to provide some of the best quality ayurvedic hair treatment solutions. The company offers a wide range of products that are free from the use of chemicals with the ultimate goal of providing all-in-one hair treatment solutions.

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