Our Story

Our Story

Pure . Natural . Ayurvedic

Ashpveda is a journey of excellence that tells the story of a personal passion for Ayurveda turning into a wellness enterprise. As a consumer, we always looked for brands with a complete and authentic product range in their kitties but never found anything worth going for; that's where the Ashpveda story began. Derived from the timeless Prachin Charaka Samhita, Ashpveda products offer the best value and redefines the idea of holistic wellbeing in a whole new perspective. We have a comprehensive infrastructure where seasoned Ayurveda scientists and dedicated professionals relentlessly work to deliver the best value to each customer. Be it quality, purity or authenticity of formulation, Ashpveda is a name that provides everything in wellness and beauty with complete trust. Our quest to deliver the world-class Ayurvedic products is on and with every passing day it's evolving.

The Brand

Brand Ashpveda is a promise of authentic products that don't use extracts, artificial colours, harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances and paraben in any form. All Ashpveda products are 100% natural and use the best quality sun-dried herbs from the lands of Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan as per their origin. We use high quality properly sterilized glass bottles that keeps product quality intact for the longest time. Ashpveda never tests its products on animals. We have our in-house state-of-the-art processing facility which is capable of making the best quality products. As a responsible Ayurveda brand, we strive hard to empower society by supporting contract farming and that's why we launched a production facility in Rajasthan. Our brand ethos follows global best practices and believes in adhering to corporate ethics. In a nutshell, Ashpveda is a brand with global standards and a human face.

Our Vision

To integrate 5000 years old Ancient Ayurveda wisdom into the modern lifestyle and change the very idea of wellness & beauty.

Our Stores

Ashpveda four world-class stores in leading malls across Jaipur, Delhi, and Chandigarh. The complete Ashpveda wellness and beauty range can be explored there in a plush and comfortable environment. Besides this, visitors can also interact with wellness and beauty experts to find answers to their respective queries. Our trained sales people offer each visitor a personalised experience with a smile.

State-of-the-art Production Facility

Ashpveda's production facility is equipped with ultra-modern R&D that ensures the best value in every formulation. Before reaching the customer, each Ashpveda product goes through stringent quality checks and gets approved by a team of experts. Team Ashpveda consists of best Ayurvedic scientists, seasoned industry professionals and trained technicians.

Our Certifications

Ashpveda boasts all necessary certifications and authentications for various stages of productions. These certificates are awarded by both state and national level competent authorities. These certifications talk volumes about the quality of Ashpveda products.


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