Posted on February 3rd, 2021 12:35 PM

Russia has been working tirelessly for this vaccine for the past few months. Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s daughter, took part in the experiment. After the first vaccine, the body temperature was 38-degree celsius, the following day the temperature reduced and was slightly above 37 degrees celsius. After two doses of the vaccine, his daughter feels well and has a high number of antibodies. The vaccine is said to offer sustainable immunity against coronavirus.

Moscow has decided to name it “Sputnik V” after the first satellite that was launched during the war of 1957. Coronavirus is no less than a battle that took away many lives. There are 741 thousand people who lost their lives due to the deadly coronavirus, and the active cases are 2016 thousand, according to WHO.

Although, it is a sign of relief that we now have a vaccine the vaccine is yet to come out in the market, and it might take a few months to reach countries. As the unlock phase continues in many parts of India, we should continue to wear masks at all public places, maintain social distancing, monitor our body, and any symptoms of the virus that we might have. We must increase our immunity level to be able to fight the disease.

Ashpveda offers a wide range of Ayurvedic products that help boost your immunity levels and prepares the body to fight the infections. 

Aarogyavardhnam, certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, has Soma (Giloy stem) and Madhu-karkati (Papaya leaf) as its core ingredients, which are known to treat the unknown bacteria and viruses in the body and they ease the body aches and boosts the immunity levels.

The products are ayurvedic and have a proven track record of fighting the infections. Other product offerings can be found at Ashpveda.


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