Rose oil- The liquid gold for your skin hair and body

Posted on November 17th, 2021 12:33 PM

We are so used to the coconut oil that we have been using for generations that we tend to overlook the beauty and benefits of Essential Rose oil.  
Rose oil has often been termed as liquid gold for the ones who used it to get rid of their stubborn acne. But there are many other uses that this gold liquid can be used for.
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The oil is known to hydrate the skin and lift the signs of aging when massaged properly, it has proven excellent results to fade away pigmentation and it provides an even texture by healing the cracked skin.  
 For the nails: 
If you are looking to nourish the nail beds and the cuticles, rose oil comes to the rescue. The oil with its healing properties comforts the cracked skin, reduces brittle nails, and helps to improve healthy nail growth. 
 For the feet: 
We’ve all been taking care of household chores all this while that we need a good foot massage by the end of the day. Rose oil is known to soften the feet by lowering down the callus which evens out the tans too! 
 For the hair:  
Massaging the dry scalp is enough to make the hair follicles stronger, the oil helps to get rid of the dirt and the bacteria too. Many people add a few drops of rose essential oil to their shampoo. It's time we say goodbye to hair fall and dandruff! 
 The list doesn’t end here, rose essential oil is also known to release pain by rubbing it on the belly in case of cramps, by inhaling it, the endorphin is released which helps to reduce the stress and the pain in the body.  

So the next time you feel burdened with work or feel uneasy, you know that mixing Ashpveda's Desi Gulab and Oudh Oil bath salt will get the job done!


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