Prepare Your Body to Fight the Respiratory Illness

Posted on December 24th, 2020 11:55 AM

There are 64.5 million confirmed cases worldwide of the novel coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed us from a nation that shunned discussions of death to one that receives daily mortality reports. One of the most common problems faced post-recovery of COVID is a pulmonary fibrosis lung infection. COVID-19 essentially is a respiratory illness where a fluid is filled in the air sacs which limits the capacity to absorb the oxygen and then leads to shortness of breath, cough, and breathing problems.
A data suggests that it has been noticed, after a person is recovered from COVID, discharged from the hospital, 15% of the people face these symptoms post-recovery.  The ministry of health has issued a statement that read, a section of recovered patients may experience respiratory or heart-related issues, renal or even ophthalmological (eye-related) side-effects. The experts are working on putting a document together to guide people on what kind of long-term care they would require, and what are the issues they may face.

The most important lesson that we can learn from this is to not take COVID-19 casually. Moderate or severe symptoms are most likely to affect your lungs later. The ones recovered from COVID should get their lungs checked periodically. 
It is essential to prepare the body to fight the deadly virus and boost immunity levels to avoid the latter weakness that we might experience. Patients who have diabetes, heart problems, and hypertension are advised to take extra care and precautions.

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