Know your ‘mind and body type’ from an ayurvedic perspective

Posted on November 30th, 2020 11:55 AM

Ayurveda is an essential mind-body-soul system. The holistic science of health focuses on maintaining a balanced state both emotionally and physically. This ancient health tradition has been practiced in India for 5000 years now and there are about 90% of Indians who have integrated Ayurveda in their daily life in some form or the other.

How does this science of life work? 

Ever wondered why your friend was able to lose weight following a particular diet and you couldn’t? According to Ayurveda, no two individuals are the same and there is no form of lifestyle or diet that would work for everyone. The most important part of medicine is the food and the lifestyle that one follows. This is the reason why most ayurvedic doctors prescribe concoctions or recipes instead of pills.

What is a dosha?

Dosha is one of the commonly heard terms whenever someone talks about Ayurveda. Dosha is the health type that is used in Ayurveda to enumerate eating, sleeping, exercising cycles along with emotional strength and weakness. There are three types of dosha in every human being that work together, Kapha (earth + water), Pitta (Fire+water), and Vata (air + ether or space) 

The three types of Dosha:

Vata Dosha: It controls the energy associated with functions like breathing, blood circulation, heartbeat, and motion. The balanced Vata Dosh leads to creativity and vitality in the body. The properties of Vatta Dosha include dry, cold, light, and movement.

Pitta Dosha: It controls the energy associated with nutrition, absorption, body temperature, and all the metabolic activities. The balanced Pitta Dosh leads to contentment and intelligence  The properties of Pitta Dosha include heat, moistness, liquidity and, sharpness, and sourness. Heat is the chief quality of Pitta Dosha. 

Kapha Dosha: It controls the energy associated with growth in the body, maintaining the nourishment in the skin and keeping the immune system healthy. The balanced Kapha Dosh leads to the expression of love and forgiveness. The properties of Kapha Dosha include heaviness, coldness, lubrication, and tenderness. 

How can you determine your dosha type? 

There are various questionnaires available on the internet and in various books of Ayurveda that help you determine the dosha type. The doshas keep changing according to your age and life situation. One of the questionnaires you can take online is by Yoga International which will help you determine your dosha. Once you know your dosha type you should follow the lifestyle that would suit your body type.


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