Boost your immunity with the age-old Ayurvedic Golden Milk Powder

Posted on January 22nd, 2020 12:45 PM

The medicinal qualities of turmeric have been valued for a thousand years now, you might have heard about the benefits of the Golden Milk aka Haldi ka doodh from your grandmothers and great grandmothers. Amulyam’s Golden Milk powder has been formulated with the age-old formula of Ayurveda that has the goodness of the ingredients like Satavari, Jayaphal, mulethi, and ashwagandha to name a few. 

With the Turmeric latte gaining popularity over the years, the West has already started treating it as Gold! Here are some of the benefits that our Golden Milk Powder can provide you. 

Fights cold, cough, and infections

Golden milk is an age-old Indian tradition and is a tested remedy for cold, cough, and infections. Turmeric is an antibacterial agent that prepares the body to fight infections. Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric that helps to fight respiratory infections and treats illness. Ingredients like Satavari and cinnamon are some of the key ingredients in Amulyam’s golden milk that boost the body’s immunity levels when consumed together.

High Cholesterol levels 

High cholesterol is a common problem faced by 40% of the population after the age of 35, this is because of the changing lifestyle. The active constituent of turmeric, Curcumin suppresses the formation of atherosclerotic lesions. Curcumin has shown results to lower blood cholesterol levels. Turmeric milk when consumed with a few nuts is good for the heart and boosts the power of your milk. Golden milk also contains stem bark which boosts the antioxidant status and controls the blood sugar levels of the body. 

Brain Health

The anti-inflammatory properties of golden milk help you to fight diseases related to neuro. It has also been found that it treats diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Calcium in the milk coupled with turmeric has a lot to offer for brain health. Golden Milk Powder is also effective in alleviating stress and treating depression and anxiety. 

Diminishes Pain

It is known as the natural aspirin and has been used for alleviating pain for decades. Golden milk powder can also ease the pain that is caused due to osteoarthritis and menstruation. 

Regains the elasticity of the Skin

The regular intake of golden milk counter frees the radical damage to the skin and regains the elasticity and glow. It is beneficial to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Jayaphal is a crucial ingredient in Golden Milk that uplifts the skin’s natural glow and radiance. 

It should be noted that turmeric can increase the risk of bleeding for the ones who take blood thinners, one should avoid the consumption of turmeric if you have ulcers, stones, or any gallbladder disease.

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